• Customized Software

    You have a challenge or task and want to tackle with a matching software? We develop a solution that fits seamlessly into your business and docks to existing interfaces. Here the wheel is reinvented rare, but often extended and adapted to the individual needs - until everything runs smoothly. Design and development with care subsequent - seamless service to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction.

  • Industry Solutions

    As a link between the material world and your ERP system we are developing appropriate solutions to handle and support your workflow. We have experience in supporting the incoming and outgoing goods, warehousing and control of material flow. We support all different interfaces (SAP, REST, SOAP, OPC, OPC UA ...) and the possibility to influence te process directly from a mobile app, to have the data right where they are needed.

  • Business Intelligence

    Analysis and reporting of corporate performance indicators is an indispensable measure, in order to make better operational and strategic decisions. We support the understanding of the company's own data, improve the value or assist in lowering your costs by finding weaknesses or bottlenecks. Our customers already trust us for many years with their company data, because they know that they are in good hands with us and we find the best possible for their numbers.

  • Consulting

    To avoid bottlenecks in the own development or to compensate for load peaks, we support our partners and customers for many years now on site to assist directly in their development teams. Thus we have seen a lot, learned different development concepts and can thereby use this knowledge in new projects. Through additional manpower and knowledge in many areas, great projects can be carried.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Whether the website, a customer portal or a connection to existing processes - bring your business to the device that anyway everyone has on hand and is happy to use. We develop mobile web applications, native iOS and Android apps and bring the application closer to your customers or employees.