Fully automatic transformation of RPG source code into C# sources and a compilation-ready Visual Studio 2010 project.

Habel Lohn und Gehalt

Developed and distributed in cooperation with Habel Lohn.


  • All of the core RPG runtime features are implemented in a reusable library written in pure C#.
  • Your RPG source code is transformed into a number of generated C# classes, built upon the C# library.
  • Out of the box, the transformed project will read from and write into flat files, just like RPG does.
  • Input/output file specifications are transformed into separate C# classes, allowing easy reusing and replacing.
  • Support for the .DAT and .DBF/.NDX file formats is included in the form of specialized reader and writer classes.
  • The reader and writer classes rely on simple interfaces, making it easy to switch them out for your own custom implementation e.g. database integration.

Language support

The transformation covers a large subset of the IBM RPG II and Lattice-RPG dialects. Including, but not limited to:

  • The RPG execution cycle with primary and secondary input files.
  • Input, update and output files.
  • Match fields and record identification codes.
  • Chained input files, internal and external tables.
  • Code specifications with operands, result fields and conditioning and resulting indicators.
  • Declaration and invocation of subroutines.
  • Various special fields, e.g. PAGE and UDATE.
  • Output via detail, total and exception records.
  • Output formatting using edit codes, edit words and packed fields.

Development Tools

A number of in-house development tools have been created, available on demand as well.

  • Eclipse plugin for RPG source editing, supporting syntax highlighting, section outlining, language-aware search and automatic problem reporting.
  • Continuous Integration support for RPG-based test cases (transforming the RPG sources into C# project, compiling into CLR executable, running executable with test data, comparing actual output against expected output).
  • Web application for transforming RPG sources into downloadable C# projects on demand.
  • Various helper and statistics scripts operating on RPG sources.


  • Transformation of 10KLOC of RPG source code takes about 1s.
  • Runtime performance of the transformed application is optimized by doing disk I/O on demand when possible and caching when reasonable.

For any further information please contact us directly (Contact) or send us an email to info@skillworks.de.