Since 2001 we develop innovative and customized software solutions This is ensured by our young and dynamic team, our flexible corporate structure, the excellent training of our employees and our years of experience in the realization of software projects.

We will advise you on all your needs, are your partner in process analysis and implement solutions from conception through to completion of the development and maintenance. Here, we use modern development methods and technologies and ensure maximum software quality.

Furthermore, we are your experienced partner in the implementation of solutions in data warehousing and business intelligence.

Cemil Örüm


As a C# and Java Pro he's supervising various software projects and also works frequently as a consultant on customer site. Hereby over the years he saw and developed all sorts of things. Besides, he takes care of all Skillwork's internal affairs and the paperwork.

+49 (7531) 36 39 30-8

Andreas Schneider

The accurate

With many years of experience in software development in Java and .NET Andreas Schneider is now largely in systems engineering. Furthermore he is responsible for planning and implementating data warehouse and business intelligence projects.

+49 (7531) 36 39 30-3

Timo Scheffler

The hands-on guy

Ranging from web applications to embedded systems he knows many tools and can fix almost anything. He is a friend of open-source software and a linux-user, so there are even more ways to solve problems - and in case of need he just goes there and gets it to work on site.


Ina Kuhn

The explorer

Living on the cutting edge she is eager to learn the newest techniques and directly put it to use. She knows her way with databases, java and android-development and completes the team.


Florian Roth

The allrounder

Whatever it is, he'll figure it out.


Felix Herz

The dynamic one

Mastering the techniques, he will get your Project safely to the next level. As a software engineer he is interested in a variety of fields.


Sergej Birklin

The perfectionist

A profiler for codes who exposes even the smallest error in a programm and tracks it down. Fascinated by the world of IT, he quickly learns and masters new systems.


Simon Keller

The innovative

He visualizes systems as web application for every device and builds frontend and backend at the same time. He knows how to handle the pitfalls in web development and fearlessly uses new technologies.